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This year’s youth has recently returned from an encouraging, fun-filled 4-day Christian conference called Soul Survivor.


Camping in the Stafford Country Showground fields, they attended the main meetings morning and evening. These main meetings were the Holy Spirit lead, filled with contemporary worship music, teaching from the Bible, and times of light-hearted banter.


In-between these main meetings there were seminars with the following topics: 'Ordinary Miracles', 'Why did God let this happen?', 'Unpopular culture', and 'I'm a Christian get me out of here!' 

The youth came back feeling encouraged and challenged and were able to ask the questions they felt they needed answered.

During their downtime, there was plenty to keep them going, with cafes serving hot chocolate mountains, pastries, and cakes for the chatters. Basketball, football tournaments, and even a bus pimped out with table tennis, consoles and pool kept the youth going.


In the evenings after the main meeting there was late night entertainment from movies, late worship and for those in party mood a silent disco and a UV party.


Here is a comment about the value of the experience:


"The experience of meeting different youth groups from all over the UK, and the worship was awesome!!"

                             - Youth Leader

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