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Over Baptist Church is a community of ordinary people brought together from all ages, backgrounds and denominations. We all have one thing in common... we love God and are wanting to follow Jesus Christ, his Son. We believe that Jesus is the key to life. Through his death on the cross, he has rescued us from the penalty and the power of our sin. Through Jesus, we stand accepted by God. He gives us a sense of purpose for today and hope for tomorrow.


We are a family of people committed to God and to each other. We believe the Bible is the perfect and sufficient Word of God for all time and for all people. It is our firm guide for what we believe and for how we live. Our Summary of Faith is available for you to investigate further.


To find out more about us please take the time to explore our web site and read through this description of the life and work of Over Baptist Church.

If you require more information about any aspect of what we do, please contact us via the contact page of this site and please come along to one of our Sunday services and meet us personally. As a church, we love to have visitors and we hope that you will find all of us friendly and welcoming.


If you are moving to the area, we warmly welcome you to our church and pray that you will find blessings and guidance for your life as you worship with us.

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