A DVD film evening



We hosted a DVD evening on 25th February where we watched a warm-hearted biography on the life of Fanny J. Crosby. We all learned many things about this remarkable woman and her astonishing abilities with music and words.

We all left grateful for her continuing influence even today through her many hymns.

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

A tour of the Museum of Cambridge



On Friday 3rd March a group of about 15 braved the cold and snow and attended a tour of the Museum of Cambridge. The group was very ably led by our tour guide, John Flood.

The museum exhibits reflect over three hundred years of Cambridgeshire history and are housed in the former White Horse Inn. This timber framed building was a coaching inn from the 17th century.  Our group  explored a number of household objects, paintings, toys  and Fen folklore cures and remedies.

We've posted some photographs here for you to enjoy too.

Tea and Talk:  18th March 
An ordinary man's walk with an extraordinary God - with speaker Jan Few.


On Sunday the 18th March we were encouraged to hear local man Jan Few talk about his life and faith.

Jan spoke of being changed irrevocably when he was impacted by God's love and grace. Surely the greatest purpose of life is for us to be found by God somewhere on the journey of life.

10-pin Bowling!

A group from the church and many visitors enjoyed a night out on Wednesday 21st March at Lakeside Lodge, Pidley.

We were a group of 30, with 24 bowlers and another 6 joining for a meal beforehand.

As always there was much fun and laughter and many prizes to be won. 

Although there was no favoritism ... the Adams family shared almost all the prizes between them!

Easter Sunrise service

To begin our Easter celebration we met in the fruit orchard for a Sunrise service on Easter Sunday.

We read some passages from John's gospel and were reminded that because John had stayed close to Jesus he was present to witness the wonderful surprise on Easter Sunday.

Unlike one of the photos here, we know the sun rose ... we just didn't witness it!

Something new ...

We hosted a MINECRAFT building morning on Friday 6th April @ 10.00 am.

We purposely started with a small number of children in order to trial this new initiative.


The teams worked fantastically together designing and then building constructions that included ships, space ships, a hospital, a multi-storey house, a hotel entrance lobby and a police station! Such amazing creativity.


Refreshments were available throughout the morning and it was such a success we hosted another one during the Summer holiday on Saturday 18th August.


The giant 8'x6' screen made the experience truly amazing!

On Saturday 21st April we hosted another hugely succesful Wii evening.  We set up a huge backlit screen (8ftx6ft) and converted the room into an arcade-style venue.

We raced each other on various circuits playing Mario Kart before we enjoyed a thoughtful epilogue where we watched a clip of a man on a tightrope and thought about the balance we see on display at the cross of Christ.

We then shared bacon rolls and pizza before rounding off the evening to Just Dance 2017.


The evening started at 7.00pm and we wrapped it up at 9.00pm.  The event was a fantastic success and we'll host another one soon.

A Wii evening for teens



A visit to RSPB Fen Drayton Lakes


In June a group enjoyed a guided walk around the RSPB lakes area at Fen Drayton.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

A day out to Hunstanton


Following weeks of glorious sunshine, the annual day out to the seaside was sure to bring about a change in the weather ... it did!

On a wet and windy Saturday morning on July 28th a group from the church hired the Day Centre bus and enjoyed a day out to Hunstanton.

A fish-and-chips lunch was followed by a BBQ at Haddenham on the way home. 


Tea and Talk:  12th August 
A snapshot of South Africa - with speaker David Smith.


On Sunday the 12th August David presented an informative talk on South Africa.

He spoke of the history of the nation, it's many conflicts and its hope for the future as brought together in the flag and National anthem.

He projected some stunning photographs on the big screen and we were all reminded of the country's topographical beauty.

                                                                      The annual BBQ.

The annual BBQ was held on Sunday 26th August following the morning worship service. As always, it was a superb event spent in the company of good friends. 


Following the weather forecast we changed the venue and hosted the BBQ at the chapel so that we'd have more indoor space.


The timing of the rain was impeccable  ... it fell steadily from  11.30 am - 6.00pm! 

In spite of the poor weather the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all ... special thanks to Adam and Bob for BBQ'ing the meat to perfection. 

We hosted a DVD evening on Sunday 2nd September where we watched a docu-drama on the life of  C.T. Studd. 


His life and extraordinary accomplishments can be summed up in the words of the great Edward Mote hymn: 'On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand!'

A biography opportunity  ... a DVD film evening



We celebrated Harvest in 3 parts this year on the last weekend of September.


On Saturday evening we enjoyed a 3 course meal and Karl Relton shared an informed talk with us about the work of the Ely Foodbank.


On Sunday morning Nick Keen talked to us about Mission Aviation Fellowship and the spread of the gospel through their work.


And on Sunday evening our pastor, David, spoke from Psalm 136 and reminded  us to give thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever. 

                                                      Harvest thanksgiving



Songs of Praise:  21st October 

We enjoyed an evening singing favourite hymns, re-introducing some we haven't sung for years, and learning some new ones too!
Here's an example of one we re-introduced.                  Chris Bowater sings:
"Here I am, wholly available".

                                                      The annual Carol Service


We thoroughly enjoyed the Carol Service on Sunday 23rd December. It was encouraging to have many visitors and to see the balcony in use again.

We had a male song group that came together at short notice to sing two carols.

Well done to everyone involved.

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